Shooting With Nathaniel Middleton (BTS and Final Edits)

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Shooting with this group was very exciting. It’s very rare that you work with a group of people that you feel like you’ve known for years. The atmosphere was perfection.

       Nathaniel is a very easy going photographer but he is also particular. His lighting techniques are very unique. If you want that Nate look you have to go to The Blackeye Soup Studio to shoot with him.

       Limaris was actually being interviewed by a Delaware paper when I arrived. Goes to show you how much of a go getter she is. Her work is amazing, and she’s not afraid to spice it up with color. Overall, Limaris is a spunky chick that brightens up the room with her antics and her makeup skills.

       Eggy, where do I start. When I met him, we instantly clicked. He’s just my type of person. On top of being my type of person, boy oh boy can he make something out of nothing. Now I wont spill all of the beans of what went on that night but I will say this… I sucked at washing my hair and we had to make magic happen with freezing water and soap. LOL. It was so hilarious… but Eggy did his thing.

Photographer: Nathaniel Middleton

MUA: Limaris Carrion

Hairstylist: Eggy Lee


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