Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

joslynnehood| 03 Dec 2012| 0 comments | All Blogs, Product Reviews


Have you ever thought about evening the complexion of your legs for a special event? Well Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs might be exactly what you’re looking for. Everyone is not a fan of stocking/pantyhose. I happen to be one of those people. I purchased this product one summer and was hooked! It gave me everything I was looking for.

As the seasons changed, the color that I once loved just wasn’t working for me anymore. Unfortunately Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs only comes in 4 different shades. I then ended up mixing two of the shades together to get the perfect color. This was a bit messy. If you are in a rush I wouldn’t recommend mixing shades. 

Another thing I did not like about this product is that the cans clog! Nothing worst than spending money on a product that doesnt work 50% of the time. I got so frustrated at one point that I actually emailed the company. Outcome of my email? Nothing! They didn’t even respond. 

Overall I’ll give this product an “ehhh”. When it works, it’s great. When it’s your shade, its great. When it clogs as soon as you get it and you have one leg done? It sucks!

Airbrush at your own risk.

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