Product Review: Laila Ali Curl Defining Gel & Smoothing Dress

joslynnehood| 12 Oct 2012| 0 comments | All Blogs, Product Reviews

I came across these products for the first time in a grocery store. I had no clue Laila Ali had a hair care line. For the price that I ended up paying, I just about cleared out the shelf. They were on clearance and I paid under $1 for each jar! Now I will be honest, I haven’t used it in my hair. I use it in my almost 2 year old daughters hair.  I LOVE IT! The Curl Defining Shine Gel does exactly what it says it will. It keeps hair nice and moisturized and her curls are defined.

I will make a recommendation if you are going to use it in a young child’s hair. Give the product a minute to set before you put them in a high chair or car seat. When I don’t allow the product enough time, I end up having to stretch her hair once she’s out of the seat. It tends to get really flat.

I have only used the Smoothing Conditioning Hair Dress a few times. It seems to work fairly well. Now remember it’s a smoothing dress, not an extra hold gel. So if you are looking for it to hold and mold your hair in place, this is not what you are looking for. Use this product for more loose and airy styles.

Over all I give both of these products 2 thumbs up! When used correctly, they can be your best friends.

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