Product Review: Freeman Facial Mask, Chocolate and Strawberry

joslynnehood| 08 Oct 2012| 0 comments | All Blogs, Product Reviews

Warning! This product is not for consumption!! Once you open this product, you will be compelled to smell and you will be overwhelmed. Nothing like smoothing something that smells good enough to eat all over your face. This masque has a moose-like texture and it smells exactly like strawberries and chocolate (mmm heaven). After smoothing it evenly on your face and letting it dry, your face will feel tight. Unlike most masques I have come across, this one doesn’t dry and crack every time you move your face. I’ve noticed the ones that do dry and crack make my face feel itchy if left on too long, which always happens (hey I’m a busy young lady).

Freeman has a great product on their hands. It leaves my face feeling smooth, refreshed, and tight. Another plus, it doesn’t take much product to do the job so it should last for some time. Freeman’s Chocolate  & Strawberry Detoxifying Masque gets TWO THUMB WAY UP!… Now pass me some real chocolate and strawberries. I’m in the mood for a treat.  😉

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