Dermablend Leg & Body Cover SPF15

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I purchased my first (and only tube thus far) Dermablend product over 5 years ago. I am super allergic to mosquito bites and one summer the amount of bites and marks I had on my legs were ridiculous. I tried Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs first, but I’ll talk about my experience with that product in another blog. 

Being that I had just started on my modeling journey I did not want my ate up legs to be debuted on the runway. I happened to be at the mall and came across a Dermablend stand in Macy’s. I chatted with the sales associate and told her all of my concerns. Soon after I was having the product applied just to see how good it actually was. To my surprise, it was amazing! Even though it was the summer time and the shade was a tad off it was perfect!!! 

The associate also applied the last bit of product she had left over to my upper back. Ahhhhh Success! Dermablend covered every imperfection that I needed and wanted. Ok, so now came the hard part, the price. At the time that I purchased Dermablend it was MUCH more expensive than it is now. I purchased my Leg and Body Cover for about $40-$50. Now you can find it at Macy’s for about $27 bucks.  

These day I still use that same tube of Dermablend but now I mainly use if on my face. I know, I know it’s for the legs and body but I love it as a base on my face. The reason I use it on my face is, I purchased the biggest one they had and not i no longer need it for my legs. I hate to waste product so tossing it was and is still not an option. Using Dermablend saves me from using more of my fav MAC products. Once it runs out I’ll head over to the Deramblend counter once again. This time I’ll try out the products that they now have for the face. 

Overall Deramblend is a must have in my makeup bag. A little goes an extremely long way. 

Leg & Body Cover SPF 15
For full coverage of:
  • Tattoos
  • Stretch marks
  • Varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • Bruises
  • Scars
  • Burns
High performance technology, full coverage body foundation
High performance technology, full coverage body foundation. An improved lightweight formula with SPF 15 and high purity pigments. Leg & Body Cover offers improved skin tone shades and texture to deliver a flawless look and 16 hours of consistent color wear.

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