Joslynne Anita Hood was born on January 31st, in Camden, New Jersey. Joslynne was a semi-tall and skinny little girl who was sometimes teased by her piers. Though her piers thought that her slim frame was awkward, the adults surrounding her saw something completely different. They would constantly compare her to a “young Tyra Banks”.

By the age of 9, Joslynne was intrigued by the fact that people were comparing her to one of the most talked about models in the ‘90s. She did her research on Tyra Banks and was completely in awe. In those moments the passion to model started and sky rocketed.

Not knowing how or where to start a modeling career, many years passed. It wasn’t until Joslynne was 14 years of age that she was presented, with what she thought was, her “big break”. Wilhelmina Scouting Network wanted to sign her. At the time, she did not know that WSN was not Wilhelmina, one of the world’s most elite agencies. Joslynne soon found out that she had been a victim of a scam, which left her mentally and financially drained. Her modeling dream that once flourished with passion, dimmed, but it still remained.

Two years later, Joslynne was asked by her hair stylist to model for Louis Christian Wayne Roberts Salon & Spa, a local business in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Not too long after the shoot, the images landed in South Jersey’s Courier-Post.

Joslynne Hood did not actively start pursuing modeling until 2006. Though her trials and errors she learned about modeling. She did many local fashion shows and projects to gain her knowledge.

Within the 6 years that followed, Joslynne Hood hit the ground running. She has been signed to Greer Lange, Wilhelmina of PA, and Expecting Models. Though she has been a signed model, most of her accomplishments were due to her savvy networking. Joslynne has been seen on national television shows, billboards, and in magazines. She has also been seen gracing the runway at NY Fashion Week and Philly Fashion Week.