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Be Thrifty!

In the recent years the quality of the items in thrift stores have really gone up. A few days ago I paid my local thrift store a little visit. I found loads hidden treasures. BRAND NEW jeans for a few bucks! Can’t beat that, jeans for 5 bucks! One of the great thing about a thrift store is that they tend to have a little of every trend. So if you’re wanting to test a style out and you are on a bit of a budget or you just don’t feel like spending loads of money, GET THRIFTY!


My Lime Green Sweater 

 Ok, so let’s talk about my new sweater. I love, love, LOOVEEE, the color! I think lime green is my color of the season. I got my spanking brand new sweater from Village Thrift. The original price, I’m talking about the price after i peeled off all of the stickers, was $34.99. Now let me tell you how much this $34.99 sweater was marked for at the thrift store… DRUM ROLL PLEASEEEEE! $5.90! I know right!!! Unbelievable! It gets even better, on this particular day, the color tag was half off! So yea everyone, I paid a whopping $2.95! If that’s not retail winning I don’t know what is. The sweater size is a Large but that’s why I picked it out. I tend to like big loose sweaters.

My Forest Green Guess Jeans

 Another great thrift store purchase! First and foremost, yes they are a size 14. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that they are a kids size 14. Though I have 35 inch hips and I have an even smaller waist size. My jeans are all random sizes, if they fit they fit. These jeans are brand new *scoooree*. I don’t know how you feel when you get a bargain but I feel great! Looking at the tags the jeans definitely came from Macy’s. There was no original price tag to show but I can tell you you how much they were marked for, $8.90. Not like that isn’t a heck of a deal but I got them HALF OFF too!!! $4.45 for some new jeans? OOOHHH YEAAAAHHHH! BEAT THAT!


I’ll be posting all of my great finds in my F.A.C.T.S Blog. I might even show you guys my items revamped!


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